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Explor2000 Revision History

Deleting a folder, through the Treview, the next selected folder will be the next or previous sibling one.
A new checked box option in "Set Date/Time" dialog box: <Save & Restore Date/Time>

v.3.21c, d, e,f
Minor visuals enhancements

The sort Order direction (ascending/descending) is included in the saved Options
Bug fixed: F6 copy/move and the WinXcopy module dit not handle the attributes of folders

XP themes availability
Minor enhancements and bugs fixed

v.3.20a, b, c, d
New Shortcuts
Minor corrections 
TreeSize font Improvements 
Bug fixed concerning the F6 Copy/Move dialog box (bug introduced in v3.2). If you copied/moved a file(s) which was at the root of the disk, the copied/moved file(s) lost the first character of the name. ("Test.txt" became "est.txt")

A new Tree Size processing has been added in "FastView" and "Folder Printing" dialog box. You can Copy, Save or Print the tree using .TXT or .RTF formating features.
A date filter (button "+") has been added in the "Copy/Move" (F6) and "WinXCopy" windows. It works in the same way as the well known Laplink application. 
A new option: "Always Show File extension for known file type" has been added in the "Options" dialog box. This option works whatever the "Microsoft Hide File extension" is set.
Explor2000 accepts a Print command line. If you type Explor2000 /print "Path to browse", Explor2000 will be run or bring to front with the print dialog box opened on the "Path to browse".
A "Roll Up" button has been added in the "Zip" and "Print" windows

After a Word or Excel document was opened, Explor2000 was sometimes bring to front.
When Comparing files in Report mode, the Absents files were not always displayed in red. The Absent icon was correct, but the text file was displayed in black.
Normally, Explor2000 displays exactly the same "New" right click context menu as Microsoft Explorer. But TweakUI (probably some other tools too) could make changes to the Data Registry that Explor2000 was no more able to read correctly.
When you right click in any window and then go to "New", you have the option to create a number of new files like  .txt, .wpd, .bmp, or any number of other types of files. Normally, Explor2000 displays exactly the same "New" right click context menu as Microsoft Explorer. But TweakUI (probably some other tools too) could make changes to the Data Registry that Explor2000 was no more able to read correctly.

Keyboard enhancements concerning the Combo Boxes

New "Check Update..." menu option/button to check and eventually download a new Explor2000 version

New keyboard hotkey: "Alt+I" to minimize Explor2000
Renaming the extension of several files does not display any more a confirmation dialog box for each file
In FastView module: you can navigate through Media files with keyboard arrows in the same way as for picture files
Renaming/Editing a picture or media file hides the thumbnail if this last was visible (Ctrl/T or Ctrl+W)

Corrections: (these bugs were introduced in v3.10b)
Corrupted file: the "Favorites" windows led to access violation
FastView Hexa module: "Save" and "Copy" buttons were no more available

v.3.10a, 3.10b
Miscellaneous enhancements concerning MediaPlayer mainly 
(Keyboard features, FullScreen button in FastView, etc...)

- "Win Media Player" has been integrated in Explor2000.
In the same way as the picture thumbnail viewer, you can play any
Audio/Video in a thumbnail view (Ctrl+W) or in the FasView module

Windows Media Formats (.asf, .wma, .wmv, .wm)
Advanced Systems Format (.asf)
Windows Media Audio (.wma)
Windows Media Video (.wmv, .wm)
Windows Media metafiles (.asx, .wax, .wvx, .wmx, .wpl)
Advanced Stream Redirector (.asx)
Windows Media Audio Redirector (.wax)
Windows Media Video Redirector (.wvx)
Windows Media Redirector (.wmx)
Windows Media Player Playlist (.wpl)
Microsoft Digital Video Recording (.dvr-ms)
Windows Media Download Package (.wmd)
Audio Visual Interleave (.avi)
Moving Pictures Experts Group (.mpg, .mpeg, .m1v, .mp2, .mp3, .mpa, .mpe, .mpv2, .m3u)
MPEG-1 (.mpeg, .mpg, .m1v)
MPEG Audio Layer III (.mp3)
MPEG Audio Layer II (.mp2, .mpa)
M3U (.m3u)
Musical Instrument Digital Interface (.mid, .midi, .rmi)
Audio Interchange File Format ( .aif, .aifc, .aiff)
Sun Microsystems and NeXT (.au, .snd )
Audio for Windows (.wav)
Indeo Video Technology (.ivf)
Windows Media Player Skins (.wmz, .wms)
QuickTime Content (.mov, .qt)

- New Shortcuts has been added...(Alt+D, Alt+T,...)
    Please Have a look to the help file (F1): keyboard commands
- Many minor improvements on numerous features
- Reading attributes on removeable drive was slowing down read/write access a little bit too much.
So these removeables drives will no more display read/write attributes as it does on a hard disk.
Only .exe (.com, .bat) files will be highlighted.
(for example , the default line-through-the-name for a hidden file will not not work on a CD with hidden files.)

Rename option: "Use file date/hour"
hotkey: Alt + Left arrow / Alt + Right arrow to navigate from back to next folder

(only under Windows 2000) Empty floppy disks could not be displayed
Enabled/disabled enhancements in WinXCopy module
(v2.7 bug...) In the Options dialog box the "Save configuration now" button hidden Explor2000.

Memory management Optimization
A new Comparison module has been added - WinXCopy (hot key: Alt + X)
A new module "Copy/Move" files with History has been added (hot key: F6)
Display, Sorting and Filter Synchronization within the listviews can be canceled
Supplementary buttons present in the title bars of the windows can be displayed or not
Reading of .Wav files can be stopped by pressing the Escape key or by selecting a file of another type
Minimizing Explor2000 window is always done in the System Tray

When an external program (NOTEPAD, MSPAINT, etc.) recorded a file on the hard disk, one of the listview was not always automaticaly refreshed.
Pop-up menus were limited to 15 elements instead of the announced 20
The context menu option "Initialize this toolbar with the buttons of the opposite Secondary toolbar" was not working if the Main toolbar was customized before selecting this option. 

Application tooltips might be disabled after Fastview was open and closed
Adjustments concerning the new caption buttons (Roll Up...)
The left or right pop-up menus could lose their addresses if a window was open on the Workstation
Fastview SlideShow adjustement

NEW OPTIONS - This version includes:
New Fastview syntax highlighting viewer for programming languages such as: C++, Pascal, Java, Javascript, Basic, Assemebly, XML, HTML, PHP, SQL, INI, INF
New caption buttons (Roll Up...)
Fastview graphics display & effects are faster and flicker free.
New Fastview graphic Left Rotation
Fastview graphics Slide show is now Full Screen
The listviews display time with seconds
New Compare feature: FAT/NTFS file time adjustements
New shortcut CTRL + TAB to toggle from Explor2000 to Fastview window
Arrow keys are available on FastView graphics:
Up and Down to sail from one picture to the other
Left and Right to rotate an image
the "Mark Current Folder" icon adds the current path to a new menu (in the same way as the right-clic context menu)

Minor bugs fixed...

NEW OPTIONS - This version includes:
Unlimited Undo on "Rename" and "Setdate" functions
Possibility to rename files using increment counter with numbers (0..9) or letters (a..z)
In the Renaming function, if you sort the files by Date/Time, then when renaming they will be numbered according to the order of sorting
Option to merge the left and right context-sensitive menu
The context-sensitives menus can be sorted by name
Menu option to Initialize a secondary toolbar with the buttons of the opposite toolbar
Possibility to display or not a thumbnail of the selected image file (Ctrl + T)
Possibility to play or not the selected .Wav file (Ctrl + W)
New keyboard shortcut to open the "Options" dialog box (Ctrl + O)

News options to rename multiple files/folders
Improvements on Simultaneous course (related to comparing folders)
New key: On Explor2000 startup, folders paths are normally automatically restored, unless SHIFT key is pressed.(this option can be necessary for network computers)

This update fixes an intermittent bug you might have encountered in Report mode. Explor2000 closed itself after move, copy...

Improvement & Correction
Visual effect after drag & drop, duplicate, copy, move has been greatly improved.
Fixed flickering after drag & drop, and fixed a double refresh when using F7 or F8 to copy/move files/folders (this minor but unsightly bug was introduced with previous version 2.6).

Under Windows NT4, if the Service Pack 6 was not installed, the error message "function GetComboBoxInfo has not been found..." was displayed
Under Windows 2000 Pro and XP, the buttons Copy/Paste were not working with .Wav, .Mp3, .Wma files
A forgotten debug information "Zip OnRenameDupeFile" has been removed

Zip/Unzip features are two times faster than previous version
Picture Browser reading of .JPG files is 4 times faster
Combo Box are now working in the same way as the standard Explorer. More, you can display the full path and even lauch a program simply by typing its name in the edit field (wordpad, mspaint, regedit...)
When you create/rename a folder, you can create a structure of folders by typing their names separated by a backslash instead of typing a single name: For example if you type "Program\Family\Photos", the folder and the subfolders will be created.
A new button has been added in the "Options" dialog box which allow the user to modify the colors of the treeview/ listview, etc... in a more personal fashion

Under windows XP and if last version 6.02 of Internet Explorer is installed, FastView displayed .HTML file only as text source.

Since last version, Automatic refresh was no longer working on some Windows 98 and  ME Systems
Again on some configurations, A:\ drive or Zip drive was accessed when Explor2000 was launched
When the "Save/Restore windows positions" window was in the foreground, pressing F5 key  deleted the saved windows

The Shortcut dialog box can be invoked from the listview context menu
the Drive bars recognize ramdisks
The status bars did not display correctly the size of files over 2 Go
On some XP configurations, when Explor2000 was launched the A:\ drive or Zip drive was accessed
On XP system, Explor2000 in Compare mode did not display the icon of Zip files
On XP system, Explor2000 was very slow to access folders containing many and big Zip files.
Minor enhancements for XP...

The icon application can be changed by user using .exe, .dll, .icl or .ico files
The "special Viewer for files above 3 MB" uses the same background / text color as the hexadecimal editor
Minor improvement for files Duplication
German translation adjustments.

Tooltips on drives toolbars have been improved
"Zip Extract to folder" can now extract multiple zip files in one operation (like Winzip 8.1 beta)
When Fastview tries to read a file whose size is above 3 MB, a special frame is opened (a very fast text or hexa display).
ALT + ENTER to open the corresponding properties dialog box (Microsoft Explorer option)
Folder print enhancements: color and style can be fully customized if multiple columns is selected
You can now rename a picture file directly from Fastview (F2 key)
The icon application can be changed by the user
German translation adjustments.
When Explor2000 did NOT have the focus, if you clicked on the toolbar menu (Favorites, Main Toolbar menu,...) the menu flashed many times. It's fixed.
Hexa Editor and "Replace dialog box": the Replace option was not working if the Hex Type was checked.

v.2.51B, 2.51C
Miscellaneous improvements concerning the status bar
German translation improvements
minor bugs fixed

- F10    Context menu (Display, New...)
- Shift + F10 Context menu linked to selected objects
- Ctrl + F10    Secondary toolbar menu
- Alt + F10    Main toolbar menu
Folder print enhancements - color and style can be customized - Print/Copy/Save use RTF format.
Miscellaneous improvements concerning keyboard use
The dialog box "Duplicate" offers 2 new options ("Add Date/Time" and "Duplicate only folders")
modifications in order to allow "Picaview" and similar... to display thumbnail in the file context menu


Added: ToolBar menus  Main and Secondary
When you drag a file(s) over a treeview, the following keys allow to expand/collapse the selected node
+ (numeric keypad), Down arrow, Right arrow (expand)
(numeric keypad), Up arrow, Left arrow (collapse)
Roll Up/Down is now included in the system menu for compatibility with Windows XP and Windows themes
Miscellaneous improvements...(Zip/Unzip - Rename...)
in the Customize dialog box: "Show tooltips" was not always saved
Applied on a folder, the "Add to / ...Zip" option functions in the same way as Winzip


The tree expands automaticaly when you hold drop files over a node.
Network Neighbourhood: when copying a file with a UNC path name (i.e. begins with "\\"): the selected node went back to the root of the tree.
Desktop shortcuts to Explor2000.exe (e.g. "Ctrl + Alt + E") launched Explor2000 with default parameters.

v.2.42, 2.43

The status bar displays the number of hidden files
Minor Fastview additions
The option "copy the contents of the file onto the clipboard" was only working with the context menu.

Picture Browser selection method
- When selected, a frame is drawn around the picture. The picture is not ghosted.
Minor Fastview modifications

Hot tracking enhancements
FastView enhancements
- Slideshow...
- Browser buttons and shortcut keys added to navigate from one image to another
- Bytes per pixel are displayed along with the width and height of images
- New icon and menu option to delete an Image from FastView
When "CUT", folders, files, and icons are ghosted as done by Windows Explorer
Before viewing an Internet or Powerpoint file the message "Can't find AVI file" was displayed
Renaming a drive (Zip, Jazz,...) within the Listview or Treeview now works

Explor2000 runs under Microsoft System XP beta 2 (Whistler)
"Picture Browser" enhancements
- Can display 1500 +/- 200 pictures (according to the configuration)
- Size can be set from 60 to 180 pixels
- Icon spacing can be set from 10 to 50 pixels
- The background color of thunbnails can be set by user
"Cut, "Copy", "Paste", and "Delete" work within the TreeView as they do in Windows Explorer
The above options ("Cut, "Copy", "Paste", "Delete") were not enabled when the corresponding buttons were not installed on a Toolbar
Introduced with version 2.2, the favorites customization box led to an  access violation
"Folders printing": the combo box (Display: Vertical/Horizontal/Separator) was not filled on the first call
Minor optimisations and corrections


Fastview Graphic effects (rotate, flip..., mirror...)
Folder printing with separator selected by user, in order to export to Microsoft Excel or Access
A lot of minor optimisations and corrections
IMPORTANT bugs fixed for Windows NT and 2000

CDROM Insert/Remove recognition
New Listview option: Always confirm copy and move...
New option in Date/Time dialog box: "Modify only the date of last access"
Hot tracking enhancements
Zip/Unzip enhancements
Pressing Escape cancels Tree Expanding/Collapsing

Bug fixed: the "Recycle Bin" froze Explor2000
miscellaneous optimisations...
Minor translations change

Item's tooltips available in the dual Listview
Hot Tracking (single Click Activate)
Properties icon available in "Customize Secondary Toolbars" dialog box
FastView can display Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Works, WordPerfect and Internet files in original format .doc,.wri,.wpd,.wps,.xls,.rtf,.ppt,.pps,.htm,.html,.htx,.otm
(requires Internet Explorer 4.01+, Microsoft Office or Word Viewer 97/2000 for a full display)
Can play Wave files
CMSKY32.DLL file is no longer needed (you can delete it)
Bug NT/2000: with some configuration, deleting an empty folder in Treeview led  to freezing Explor2000
Drag & Drop enhancements (Winzip...)

Minor modification in "Rename selected file(s)" option:
In the Zip/Unzip window, the width of the columns is saved as in main Explor2000 window.

Minor modification in the Picture Browser:
On rare occasions, invalid GIF and JPG image formats generated a GPF (general protection fault - KERNEL32.DLL...)

Toolbar Customization:
Whenever you add or remove a button, the layout is immediately stored into the Registry
A bug had been introduced in "Fastview-TreeSize": It produced multiple "Access Violations" and closing of Explor2000.
Open a .Zip archive from FastView generated an GPF error (read of address FFFF...)
By default F9 and F11 keys opened a full screen dialog box.
F9 = "Duplicate selected object(s)"    /F11 = "Save/Restore Desktop Layout (Windows 95 & 98)"
Toolbar Customization (Add/remove Toolbar buttons, menus...)
View Images files type:
-TIFF (*.tif; *.tiff)
-GFI fax (*.fax)
-SGI (*.bw, *.rgb, *.rgba, *.sgi)
-Autodesk (*.cel; *.pic) old style only
-Truevision (*.tga; *.vst; *.icb; *.vda; *.win)
-ZSoft Paintbrush (*.pcx, *.pcc)
-Word 5.x screen capture files (*.scr)
-Kodak Photo-CD (*.pcd)
-Portable pixel/gray map images (*.ppm, *.pgm, *.pbm)
-Dr. Halo (*.cut, *.pal)
-CompuServe (*.gif)
-SGI Wavefront (*.rla, *.rpf)
-Standard Windows (*.bmp, *.rle, *.dib, ico, wmf)
-Photoshop (*.psd, *.pdd)
-Paintshop Pro (*.psp)
-Portable network graphic images (*.png)
Copy the list of selected folders/files into the clipboard
Copy the icon of the selected folder/file (16x16, 32x32) into the clipboard
Copy the contents of non-executable files (.txt, .cpp, .pas, .ini, .log, images files...) onto the clipboard
Rename multiple files at a group...
Sort the content of .txt files (ALL the lines of a TXT file are put in alphabetical order)
Graphic Free Space viewer
Drag & Drop display drag image...
Standard Microsoft menu item "New"
You can now change the  Background, Font and Colors used within the Hexadecimal editor
New key shortcuts: CTRL + G , M, L, D, I Display: Large icons, Small icons, List, Details, Images
For Windows ME & Windows 2000:
-The icons of .Zip archive were not displayed
-"Mark"/"Go folder" buttons were not working correctly
Zip files: temporary files, eventually created in the \Temp directory, were not always deleted when the Zip window closed
FastView_Treesize did'nt correctly display folders over 2 GB in size
FastView_TreeSize: "Copy All"/"Save All" was not always working correctly when the tree was too large...